Lake Pleasant area snowmobile GPS Waypoints 2005-2006
Filename File Format Size File Date
lpcoc0506wp.gdb Garmin GPS Database Version 2 5kb 01/19/06 01:00
lpcoc0506wp.gpx GPs eXchange File 27kb 01/19/06 01:00
lpcoc0506wp.txt Text Document 6kb 01/19/06 01:00

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Waypoint list of trail intersections and parking areas
     Web page with data, topo map links, and coordinate translations.

Adirondacks Speculator Region Chamber of Commerce
     Snowmobile sub-page with extensive Conditions.

2005 NYS-OPRHP maps, need to zoom for detail, does not show all trails.
     Hamilton County

GPS coordinates, topo maps, and intersection pictures.
     Lake Pleasant snowmobile trail instersections

Adirondacks Speculator Region Chamber of Commerce
     2005 Map Front (pdf)
     2005 Map Back (pdf)

GPS coordinate system conversion coordinate translation engine

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